Dolce Passione

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Dolce Passione is obtained by carefully withering white Invernenga grapes from the Pusterla Vineyard so as to preserve all the olfactory freshness of the original grape and gustative smoothness of the sugars concentrated by the drying process.
A lively straw yellow on sighting, giving floral and fruity aromas on the nose, with the pleasant and original prevalence of pear peelings followed by chamomile and fresh herbs. This unusual olfactory impression is followed by a subtle taste in which a lingering sweetness features in all the taste sensations. The alcohol content strikes a balance which is unusual for this type of wine allowing the olfactory notes to develop increasing the drinking pleasure
To be enjoyed at a temperature of 10° – 12° on its own or possibly with fresh white fruit or small pastries (fruity and creamy or white fruit tarts).




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