Pusterla White

Project Description


This white wine is deeply and essentially connected with the indigenous “Invernenga” variety and the evocative historical vineyard where it grows. The wine, the plant and the place intersect as a visual, olfactory and gustative whole, taking us back to a past composed not only of historical eventsbut familiar gestures and sensations. Perfect transparency and delicacy are typical characteristics of this rare grape. Its clean-cut taste, olfactory subtlety and floral notes are the result of a unique environment in which man and nature have habitually crossed paths. The wine is dry with some acidity, and a typical finish of slightly bitter almond with an aftertaste of small wild apples and apricot kernels.

A unique and unusual wine whose delicate aroma flavour and freshness combine well with simple dishes, starters and hors d’oeuvre also pairing well with vegetables tending to sweetness (potatoes, carrots, peas, above all, asparagus) and spring salads with white meats.



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